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"There is only one place I will host my websites..."

"As a web entrepreneur I need to make sure that my websites are up all the time. Any moment of downtime means that I am either losing money or leads. I chose to host with PhireFast because of their incredible uptime and world class customer support. Mark (owner) treats his customers as if they were family. All of this lead me to say that there is only one place that I will host my websites- PhireFast"

- Joshua Millage, TrueWaveConsulting.com

Founded in 2004, Based in Los Angeles, PhireFast is...

About PhireFast Website Hosting
We're your new favorite hosting provider.

Our mission is your success online. Team PhireFast is composed of people passionate about two things: technology and entrepreneurship. As your biggest fan, we take the drama out of hosting, and provide truly amazing support, giving you the tools and means necessary to succeed online.

Founded in 2004, PhireFast is proudly based in Los Angeles.

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