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PhireFast leases an array of dedicated servers at Colo4 (Dallas, Texas.) From our gigabit uplinks to our daily backup system, our custom configuration is maintained with reliability and FAST performance in mind.

The facility boasts high levels of security, including:
Further security of operations is ensured by securing devices within dedicated cage spaces preventing unauthorized access to the monitored and locked cabinet-style racks and devices. All power cables and data cables have been secured in conduit for added security and network stability. The front and rear of each of PhireFast's cabinets are monitored and recorded by multiple closed circuit cameras.

Data Center facts:
The main cables are dropped from the ceiling, with backups remaining under-ground, incase the overhead cables are severed, giving the underground cables opportunity to take action rerouting all data through the fireproof cabinets.

The data center's average temperature of 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit with 45 percent humidity is achieved through the use of 86 Airflow rooftop mounted compressed gas units with extra sensors to assure early detection of any failure.

The data center receives primary power feeds from two separate substations which feed into the facility through separate underground routes. Each redundant UPS room contains 6 UPS systems (N+1) which filter out aberrations to supply clean continuous power to the customer cabinets, and infrastructure equipment. This UPS is connected to two two-megawatt Cummins Diesel Generators that will activate within eight seconds of power failure. Twenty four thousand gallons of fuel reside on-site to provide enough fuel to run all six generators at 100 percent capacity for 48 hours. While no condition exists in which all generators would operate under such conditions, a reference of scale would be to consider that operation of all six generators simultaneously would produce enough excess power to feed the entire local electrical grid.

An advanced fire suppression system is also in place, containing a pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system, early warning smoke, particle and heat detectors above and below the floors. Once triggered, the thermal fuse in each sprinkler head must reach between 120 and 190 degrees to disperse water. In addition, FM-200 extinguishers are located throughout the data center to attack incipient fire outbreaks prior to sprinkler system activation.

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